There are three ways you can support the project

Thank you in advance!


Contribute an amount of your choice,
receive goodies as a thanks!


One-time fee - No subscription!

€1 - Mentioned on Website

Receive a thank you with your name* on the website's thank you-page! (This is optional in case you don't want to show your name).

€4 - High Quality Download

Download the finished film after its public release in the absolutely best quality available (with smaller options if you want save on space/data).

€8 - Special Features

Get a special features bundle with the film download, including audio commentaries, progression reels, featurettes and more.

€16 - Premium Access

During the course of the production, I will post regular updates. Parts of them will be exclusive to you, like downloads of different files. Included is also a three month early access to new videos in the Free Video Course, with the ability to download them in full quality for offline viewing.

€24 - My Upcoming E-Book

Get a copy of the e-book I am currently writing (Learn more) where I will collect everything I learn on the process of creating a short film with limited resources. You also get a larger thank you here on the website.

€32 - Online Premiere

Be the first to watch the finished film online by attending the online premiere! We will all watch it togther during a live stream and have a question session afterwards. Date to be announced**

€42 - Finished Source Files

Download all the different source files created for the film*** after the online premiere, including 3D models, sound, images, etc (Learn more). You will get invited to the Dropbox-folder where I have done all my work, seeing the real file structure of the project and every file, test and iteration.

€50 - Name in Movie Credits

Aside from an even larger thank you here on the website, you will also get your name* displayed in the finished movie credits as a thank you for your sizeable contribution! (This is optional in case you don't want to show your name)

€200 - Website Link

This gives you the ability to add a link to your own website*, reachable from the "Thank You"-page.

€1000 - Your Own Logo

This gives you the ability to add your own logo* which will be displayed on both the "Thank You"-page of the website as well as in the credits of the finished film!

€1500 - Sponsored Video

This will dedicate a video in the Free Video Course to you or your company*, with me telling a message we agree on together* for 20 seconds at the start of the video, as well as 20 seconds at the end.
Only 10 spots available.

Please note

All file downloads are for your personal use only, and may not be part of anything that is shared publicly unless given written consent by me.

* I reserve the right to reject names, images/logos, websites/links and messages that I deem inappropriate (such as the inclusion of gambling, nudity, violence, hatespeech, etc).

** The online premiere will take place right after its run at film festivals (if I manage to get it on film festivals that is).

*** You will only be able to access the files created specifically for the movie. Some files will come from other places and can't be accessed due to licenses (Learn more)


Tell people about the short film

When you share your personal link and people click it, half of whatever they contribute is added to your own contribution!
For example, bring in a user who contributes €30 and you will get all the goodies up to €15.

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Give feedback

Join the discussion and give feedback on the film! Head over to the "Progress" section and comment on the blog posts, what you think is good, what you think is bad, and any other suggestion you have. Your thoughts will make the film (and this website) better!

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