The Script

The Script

Although I have wanted to make films for as long as I can remember (I made quite a few simple ones using Lego and other toys when I was little), it wasn't until four years ago when I got an idea for a short film that I really liked. The basic story popped into my head, with the characters and what would happen in broad strokes.

As I do when I get excited about something, I got started right away with writing a first draft, just getting what I had in my head down on paper (screen). Instead of jumping into making it I put it to the side. Over the next years, every few months I got reminded of the film, returned to the script, read it and made adjustments. When the script started to feel complete, I got working on the website since I by then knew how I wanted to share its making.

So, a few years and many revision later, I finally get to share the resulting script. Although I am really happy with what I have so far, I am still trying to give everything a final polish to make it the best it can be. I really look forward to all of your feedback, small or big thoughts.

So, without further ado, here is the script for the film. I hope you will like it.


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  1. Ahmed Alshwairekh2017-10-05 20:43:18

    maaan :( I want to know what happens. great script I loved it. just a small note, in page 3 when the doctor enters count 17 lines down. It should be "to him" not "to the him"

    other than that, everything looks great

    • [Anonymous]2017-10-06 21:43:35

      Thanks! :D Ah, nice catch. It feels like I have read that sentence a hundred times and yet I've missed that. I will change it right away.


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